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Lead Conversion Funnels

Lead conversion funnels are an important part of digital marketing. Actually, they are based on what the consumer is doing, but from a business perspective, for business growth. Conversion funnels can range from basic to complex, some with 3 levels, and others with 82. With that, we work together with you to build your ideal lead conversion funnel, or just based off your industry and what intentions you have. Basically, lead conversion funnels consist of the following steps/levels:

  • Brand Awareness

Getting your brand or company out there. This is done with a variety of content, from infographics, to videos, blog posts, and even viral content.

  • Consideration or Attracting New Customers

Achieved with great content, search engine optimization, and incorporated social media.

  • Conversion

Done with a polished company website, blogs, industry reports, comprehensive guides, etc.

  • Nurture or Re Engagement

Through things such as e-newsletters, retargeting, social ads, and more, we will bring your business back into the view of the consumer.

Lead Generation for Your Business

Often, conversion funnels are more complex than this, but that’s the basics. First, making sure consumers know about the company. After, making them consider your company, or being a customer. Then, converting them into an actual believer in your company. Finally, nurturing that belief or knowledge of the company through re engagement tactics to the consumer.

Velcifox Digital creates lead conversion funnels for the business on what the targeted audience is doing. For you, lead conversion funnels are customized according to the business and industry. Furthermore, the basis of the conversion funnel is you, your business, your requested strategies, and your objectives and goals. Simply, it is to generate more leads for your business.

By the way,  ALL services mentioned in each step are services offered by Velocifox Digital, your digital marketing experts. Feel free to read more into how we serve you through the services tab at the top of the screen.

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