What is Real Estate Retargeting?

If the term ‘retargeting’ is new to you, don’t worry, you’re not alone.  Retargeting is a newer term for the real estate industry as a whole, but as it grows in popularity and becomes more common, who would you rather master it first?  You, or your competitor?

If you’re been to a website recently, and now you feel like you keep seeing ads for it everywhere, you’re being retargeted.  Here’s an article I wrote recently that may help you understand the concept, and understand how corporations are using it.

How Does Retargeting Work?

Anytime you visit a website, your internet browser is downloading small bits of data known as ‘cookies’ from that website, so that your browsing experience on that site is optimized.  Retargeting allows those cookies to send signals to ad networks all across the internet, so that instead of seeing an advertisement for something that’s irrelevant to you, you could instead see an advertisement for the site you visited.

Real Estate Retargeting Benefits

  • Retargeting is relatively low-cost, so if you have ads that perform well, your ROI will be stellar.
  • Many of the retargeting ad networks run ads on national well-known sites such as Forbes and USA Today.  When someone sees a local Realtor on a national site, it somehow sticks with them more.
  • The exposure you get from real estate retargeting makes a fantastic bullet point on your listing presentation.
  • Real estate retargeting can increase your call-to-action conversion rates, because it brings them back to an action they’ve already considered once.
  • You can add real estate retargeting into almost any marketing strategy; it’s versatile and has many functions.

Could Real Estate Retargeting Help YOU?

Perhaps!  There are a lot of different things that retargeting can do.  It can act as a simple way to stay in front of people who have visited your website recently, or it can be used as part of a very sophisticated lead conversion funnel to drive specific calls to action.

For example, you could create a retargeting campaign for a specific neighborhood that has its own page on your website.  Everyone who visits that page of your website is considering buying a home there, so your retargeting campaign could be for new listings in that neighborhood, upcoming open houses, or simply your photo and logo, branded as the “expert” for that neighborhood.

There are tons of different ways to use retargeting to drive your marketing campaigns, and the best way to decide if it could help you is to have a free chat with me so we can discuss your goals and your current marketing systems.

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