Write your own SEO content, or have someone else do it for you – here’s my tips!

Real Estate SEO content writing can be a tough task, especially if you don’t particularly like the act of writing or you don’t know much about SEO.  But that’s okay; there are a lot of ways to host great content on your website, blog and social media channels even if you don’t want to write!  You just have to know the proper paths to follow.  Content marketing and SEO should be a HUGE chunk of your digital marketing strategy, and if it’s not, maybe this article will help you get started.

Good real estate SEO content doesn’t have to…

…be text.  If you want to create great content but you hate to write… DON’T WRITE!  What kind of content do you enjoy?  Do you like videos?  Photography?  Lists?  Charts and graphs?  Just choose a medium that you enjoy working with, and produce content in that format.  Unfortunately, there will always have to be some text involved as this is the heart of real estate SEO, but writing an optimized paragraph to go along with your video or infographic is not as bad as writing an entire article.

Forcing yourself to write if you don’t enjoy it creates an attitude that will come across in your writing, I guarantee it!  Writing when you’re happy and to share information that you know with others creates a positive reading experience for your consumers.

Good real estate SEO content DOES have to…

…be meaningful!  If your content isn’t meaningful to a consumer, then all the real estate SEO content writing classes in the world can’t help you.  Yes, of course SEO is important, but if the PERSON who consumes your content doesn’t find it meaningful, then what good does SEO do you?  Site traffic is great, but only if it converts to building relationships with the consumers.

Meaningful content is the primary reason that I don’t recommend hiring a content mill to produce your content for you.  A content mill is a company (often overseas) that simply churns out content that they sell to you, and you have permission to re-package that content, brand it as your own, and share it in your own channels as if it was written by you.  One month, I received the exact same email newsletter from two different financial advisors.  This is just bad business, guys.

Great content simply can’t be faked.  If the person who wrote your article also wrote similar articles for 200 other companies today, do you think that your content will stand out?  Do you think your content will be meaningful or useful to your clients?  Probably not.

I understand that not everyone has the time to produce their own content, and that’s okay, but hire a dedicated person who is passionate about your industry to write content for you.  Freelance writers take great pride in their work; many of them are trying to get sought-after positions as writers for magazines or newspapers, so they make their articles count, and put them in their portfolio.  Finding the right person to do write real estate SEO content is a great way to ensure that your site always has plenty of meaningful content to share.

Real Estate SEO Content Writing

Now, about the SEO portion of this article’s title… Google is smart.  It’s smart enough to figure out when your article has something to do with your topic and when it doesn’t.  Hone in on your keyword, and just make sure you’ve mentioned it a few times, and then do all of the appropriate things with the header, title and URL.  SEO content writing is a very broad topic, but in my experience with countless blog posts and articles, if you just do the simple SEO basics, and then provide meaningful content, Google will figure it out.

If SEO content writing is your goal, your blogs will likely be shorter than if you didn’t have a goal; that’s because researching and choosing a keyword, and writing an article about just that ONE keyword, without branching into other topics, is the key to having a high keyword ratio in your content.  You can’t try to have one article rank for 6 keywords.  It’s just not easily feasible.  It’s better to diversify your topics and write to each one of them very specifically and deliberately.

Lastly, if real estate SEO is important to you, and you have a self-hosted WordPress blog, there is no doubt that you should have the WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast.  If you don’t know who Yoast is, visit Yoast.com and bask in all of his delicious SEO goodies.  This guy is an absolute SEO machine, but he does it by making excellent posts that resonate with his readers.  His content is always concise and helpful.  SEO basics are easy to learn by chewing on educational content like Yoast’s.

Just keep in mind that your content is your way of communicating with people who aren’t your clients yet.  What message are you sending them?

Brittany Gilbert

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