Your Website’s Mobile-Friendliness Now Affects SEO

Is your real estate website mobile-friendly? Are you sure? Here's Why it's Suddenly a Big Deal I'm sure you already know that having a mobile-friendly website is significantly important because so many people are browsing the internet from their mobile device these days.  Websites that integrate with mobile browsers and devices have become a standard in most industries, so many businesses don't even have to think about it. Unfortunately, that's not the case with the [...]

Why Should I use WordPress for my Real Estate Website?

Believe it or not, the field of web design isn't all that different from the field of real estate.  As Realtors, I know you're often faced with people who think they are just fine (or even better off!) buying and selling real estate without using a Realtor at all.  No matter how many times the industry tells consumers that having a Realtor is the safest, best, and most logical way to have successful real estate transactions, [...]

Real Estate SEO

Write your own SEO content, or have someone else do it for you - here's my tips! Real Estate SEO content writing can be a tough task, especially if you don't particularly like the act of writing or you don't know much about SEO.  But that's okay; there are a lot of ways to host great content on your website, blog and social media channels even if you don't want to write!  You just have to know [...]


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