Cohesive branding is a cornerstone of successful social marketing!

When people who don’t know you arrive at your Facebook business page, or view your Twitter profile, or even check out your LinkedIn page, does what they see accurately reflect your business’s brand?

When someone lands on a page on the internet, whether it’s a website or a social media page, they should be able to determine who you are, what you do, and at least one reason that you’re better than your competitors within 7 seconds.

If you only have 7 seconds to make that oh-so-important first impression, you have to make it count!  How do you tell someone so much about yourself and your business in just 7 seconds?  It’s easier than you might think!

The best answer that I have found is kick-ass social media graphics.  The header graphic that is an integral part of every social media business or profile page can quickly tell the consumer if you, your business, and your content is worth sticking around for.  Social media header graphics are all different sizes and dimensions, depending on the social media site, but they are all similarly shaped, and most importantly, they are all featured predominantly.  It’s easily the first thing that anybody sees when they land on your social pages.

I have put together a list of necessities for business social media graphics and branding.  Some of these things might be obvious, but this blog post may serve as an easy way to tell your graphic designer what you want in all your header graphics.

1. Eye-catching and high-quality imagery

Any graphics and images that are associated with your business should be both eye-catching and high-quality.  You don’t want to use dull or boring images of course, but you also don’t want your images to be pixelated, ill-proportioned, blurry or mis-sized.  The images you use should represent you well, and help tell a viewer who you are, what you do, and why you’re the one they should work with.

2. Your company’s brand

Whether you’re with a major national company or an independent local firm or brokerage, you chose that company for a reason.  You should utilize their branding when you can, in a way that leverages the brand’s recognition.  The statistics behind brand recognition and consumer psychology show time and again that brand matters.

3. Your personal brand

Just because you work for a branded company doesn’t mean you don’t have your own branding.  Even if it’s only your name and your favorite tagline, let your personal brand fly high!  Personally, I prefer your personal brand to be more predominant on your marketing, and let the company’s branding be secondary.

4. Your contact information

You might think that this goes without saying, but I think that your social media branding graphics should AT LEAST have your phone number, email address, and website address.  I’ll leave it up to you whether or not you put your office address, but I highly recommend listing 3 areas that you service, whether they are cities or specific client types.

5. Your other social sites

Some people are social butterflies and use all the social media platforms equally, but most people have a “favorite”.  You want them to be able to keep up with you on the platform of their choice, so letting them know how to find you on other social sites is a great idea to keep them engaged with your company on their terms.

6. Designations/Awards/Accolades/Specialties

If you’ve got something that sets you apart from your competitors, be sure to incorporate it into this graphic.  Your special designations and awards may sound trite to you, but it helps consumers know and understand that others recognize your awesomeness.  If you don’t have any, no problem.  How about a quick snippet of a positive review?  Or even just your recent statistics?

Hope this info was useful for you!  Let me know if I can help you spruce up your company’s social media image!

Brittany Gilbert