WARNING: Facebook Likes Decrease on March 12

If you measure your social media success by Facebook 'Likes', get ready for a little disappointment on March 12th. According to an alert message that Facebook is sending to it's advertising and page managers, they're planning to release an update soon because they have changed "the way we measure how many people like your Page."  The alert message goes on to say that your Page may see a "decrease in likes after March 12, when [...]

Social Media Graphics

Cohesive branding is a cornerstone of successful social marketing! When people who don't know you arrive at your Facebook business page, or view your Twitter profile, or even check out your LinkedIn page, does what they see accurately reflect your business's brand? When someone lands on a page on the internet, whether it's a website or a social media page, they should be able to determine who you are, what you do, and at least one reason that [...]

Facebook Marketing Facts You Need to Know

Facebook Marketing Facts Have you ever really considered the metrics of Facebook marketing?  If you do some research, then apply some critical thinking, you'll come up with some truths that I think might surprise you.  Well, it really surprised me when I first started to realize them. I think about things like this because I spend a lot of time trying to convince my clients to do videos, create a YouTube channel, and gain a [...]

Real Estate Video Marketing

Real Estate Video Marketing A beginner's guide to DIY real estate video marketing! Every Realtor seminar and conference you go to today has at least one session dedicated to videos for real estate.  Real estate video marketing isn't as difficult as it seems; sure it's a tad technical, and there's a cost associated with getting into it, but my listing agents tell me that their sellers adore it!  Telling a seller that their home will be featured [...]

Google Authorship – What is it, and why is it important?

Google Authorship What is it, and why is it important? We all know that Google is pretty much the king of the search engines.  If you're wondering what the actor's name was in the movie you saw over the weekend, you don't "bing it", nor do you "yahoo it"... you GOOGLE it!  Google is the only search engine that has become a verb, and that's just one of the reasons that it's on top of [...]

Real Estate Facebook Pages – Like a BOSS!

Real Estate Facebook Pages - Like a BOSS! Most small business owners and sales people start a Facebook business page at some point, but after posting regularly for a few months, completely desert it and go back to trying to get in front of people the old fashioned way.  Why is that?  Why would we, as marketers, not care to use the world's largest social media platform properly?  The short answer is that we are [...]

Elliot Rodger: 5 Social Media Warning Signs

Elliot Rodger Social Media Warning Signs Being the social media marketer that I am, I'm rendered speechless this evening while scrolling through some of the social media accounts belonging to Elliot Rodger, the alleged Isla Vista murderer who went on a killing spree this weekend.  The details of this case are all over the media, and there is a lot to be discussed about the issues surrounding this incident: misogyny, gun control, psychiatric care, bullying, [...]

Real Estate Video – Overcome Being Camera Shy!

Real Estate Video:  3 Ways to Overcome Being Camera Shy In a sales meeting with my team at RE/MAX, everybody says they're stoked to do some real estate videos.  The team is amped up: "Hell yeah I'll get in front of the camera!  What day?  Let's do it!"  Cut to filming day, and my team of boisterous, outgoing Realtors quickly turns into a team of sullen, quiet, sit-in-the-corner-and-mumble types.  What is it about a video camera [...]

Real Estate Social Media – Don’t Let Running Your Business Ruin Your Business

Real Estate Social Media Why YOU should be on social media, and not just your business It's 2014, and thankfully, most brands have at least one social media account.  Hopefully, they're using that account in all the right ways!  However, it's important to note that the practice of writing in a corporate voice on social media is fading fast.  People want to talk to other people, not a business front.  I'm not saying that you should ditch your [...]


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