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Why YOU should be on social media, and not just your business

It’s 2014, and thankfully, most brands have at least one social media account.  Hopefully, they’re using that account in all the right ways!  However, it’s important to note that the practice of writing in a corporate voice on social media is fading fast.  People want to talk to other people, not a business front.  I’m not saying that you should ditch your company’s Twitter account in favor of tweeting on your personal account, but you should be doing both.  And believe it or not, your personal real estate social media accounts may be more valuable to you than you know.  Here’s why business owners (not just businesses) need social media in a big way.

“But that’s why I hired a PR firm!” I’ve heard this excuse before from business owners who didn’t understand the complexity of their own goal.  Taking yourself OUT of your public communications is the worst thing you could do; especially if your goal is to win clients or recruit amazing employees.  Nobody wants to work with someone they don’t know, and social media is a great way to let everyone feel like they know you.  You are the face and the voice of your company, let people see behind the curtain, even if only just a bit.

Here are some amazing stats from the 2014 Global Social CEO Survey:

  • “Between 2012 and 2013, the perception that C-Suite and executive participation in social media leads to better leadership increased from 45% to 75%.”  I think this perception is accurate, and probably stems from an increase in leadership transparency.  It’s easier to start a conversation with the boss when they posted about the season finale of a show everyone watches.  Humanizing yourself and your company’s objectives is what great leadership is all about.
  • “87% of US respondents agree that having a social media policy in place allows a company’s leadership team to be proactive rather than reactive in response to company challenges.”  I couldn’t agree with this one more.  This is a case where allowing yourself to be accessible on social media can allow your response to a PR crisis to be quick and effective, before the crisis even has time to get off the ground.
  • “82% of US respondents believe that CEO engagement on social media helps to communicate company values and shapes a company’s brand reputation.”  Leading by example and letting your thoughts be heard is the best way to create a company culture that other like-minded people will want to be a part of.  When you have a team of others with the same goals and work style as you, everyone’s happier.

For some, the thought of going social is stress-inducing, but don’t let it be.  Social media is meant to be light and fun, there’s no need to research heavy content every time you take to the social sphere.  Sometimes the best communications are the most simplistic; ask a question or share something positive that happened to you recently.  Finding your voice and using it is the name of the game, and it’s not always easy, but it’s worth it.  Your image as the leader of your business depends on it!

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Brittany Gilbert

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