Real Estate Facebook Pages – Like a BOSS!

Real Estate Facebook Pages - Like a BOSS! Most small business owners and sales people start a Facebook business page at some point, but after posting regularly for a few months, completely desert it and go back to trying to get in front of people the old fashioned way.  Why is that?  Why would we, as marketers, not care to use the world's largest social media platform properly?  The short answer is that we are [...]

Elliot Rodger: 5 Social Media Warning Signs

Elliot Rodger Social Media Warning Signs Being the social media marketer that I am, I'm rendered speechless this evening while scrolling through some of the social media accounts belonging to Elliot Rodger, the alleged Isla Vista murderer who went on a killing spree this weekend.  The details of this case are all over the media, and there is a lot to be discussed about the issues surrounding this incident: misogyny, gun control, psychiatric care, bullying, [...]

Real Estate Video – Overcome Being Camera Shy!

Real Estate Video:  3 Ways to Overcome Being Camera Shy In a sales meeting with my team at RE/MAX, everybody says they're stoked to do some real estate videos.  The team is amped up: "Hell yeah I'll get in front of the camera!  What day?  Let's do it!"  Cut to filming day, and my team of boisterous, outgoing Realtors quickly turns into a team of sullen, quiet, sit-in-the-corner-and-mumble types.  What is it about a video camera [...]

Four Traits of a Good Digital Marketer

Four Traits of a Good Digital Marketer If you're thinking of hiring a full time marketing coordinator, I have a ton of advice for you.  For now, I'm going to name 4 traits that I think are important for digital marketers to possess.  The important thing to remember is that you don't want just any digital marketer; you want a good digital marketer. Times have changed, and marketing is not what it once was. Gone [...]

Real Estate Social Media – Don’t Let Running Your Business Ruin Your Business

Real Estate Social Media Why YOU should be on social media, and not just your business It's 2014, and thankfully, most brands have at least one social media account.  Hopefully, they're using that account in all the right ways!  However, it's important to note that the practice of writing in a corporate voice on social media is fading fast.  People want to talk to other people, not a business front.  I'm not saying that you should ditch your [...]

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